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Extending Your Brand to Mobile
May 10, 2022
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Americans have become a nation of smartphone addicts, as one glance around any public place will prove. To reach customers where they spend so much of their day — on their smartphones — you must develop a plan for extending your business brand to mobile.

Here are six strategies to consider for your mobile marketing strategy:

1. Make sure your business website is mobile-friendly.

Using responsive design, in which the website displays to fit whatever type of device the viewer is using, is the easiest way to ensure your website always looks its best. If you create landing pages for specific marketing campaigns, make sure they, too, are mobile-friendly, since users are likely to click on them from a smartphone. A professional website designer can help you choose the best navigation, layout and images to make your website work well on mobile.

2. Rethink your email marketing.

If your email marketing messages and e-newsletter are designed to look great on a laptop, it's time for a revamp. Two-thirds of email is now opened on a mobile phone, and that figure is only going to rise. To make sure your email messages work on mobile:

  • Use simple, but striking images optimized to load quickly.
  • Focus on subject lines that get attention; keep them under 50 characters so they display properly.
  • Include large call-to-action buttons with plenty of white space around them for easy clicking.

3. Consider developing a mobile app.

One study reports that interacting with a brand on mobile not only makes customers feel more positively toward the company but also makes them more likely to purchase. Mobile apps are not right for every business, however. Before developing one, think about how you can offer customers something of value — such as information about your product or service, comparison tools, or the ability to place an order quickly. Your app must offer something unique that customers can't find on your website or anywhere else.

4. Increase your activity on mobile-friendly social media channels.

Certain social media channels are more effective than others for mobile branding. For example, people are far more likely to use Twitter and Instagram on a smartphone than on a computer. Twitter can be an effective mobile branding method for B2B businesses, while Instagram works well for many B2C companies. For both platforms, the key to building your brand is to create share-worthy content that will spread awareness of your brand to a wider audience. You can build your audience on both channels by partnering with users whose followers are in your target market. By regularly sharing or re-tweeting these influencers’ content, you can get exposure to their followers — and maybe even get the influencers to share or retweet your content.

5. Use SMS marketing.

Sending text messages and other push notifications to customers is a way to interact with them as they go about their day — keeping your brand top-of-mind. There are many services that help small businesses create and manage SMS marketing campaigns. Whichever you choose, remember to always get customers' permission to contact them, provide something of value, and limit how many messages you send so you don't annoy them.

6. Hone your visual image.

Visuals are very important on mobile devices. It’s important for your logo, cover photo, headshot or any other images you use in branding your business to translate well to a smartphone. If your current images don't scale down effectively, you may need to revamp them or develop alternate images that still support your brand.

No matter which method you choose to extend your brand to mobile, the key concept to keep in mind is "less is more." Your images, design, and even your copy must get attention and make an impact at a glance, while still reflecting the business brand you've worked so hard to develop.

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