Here’s 5 ways you can use CRM software to boost your sales:

Get Sales To Follow Up More Rapidly

CRMTiming is tricky in the sales world. Sometimes you have mere seconds to call a lead before a competitor nabs it . Yet, at the same time, you may need to nurture that lead for months before they move forward.

With a CRM, you can use tasks to schedule follow ups for 5 minutes or 5 months from now. You can be notified with a task the moment a lead enters your system. Then, you can schedule a follow up call or email well in the future. This lets you work at the client’s pace without letting them slip through the cracks.

Gives Sales More Transparency & Motivation To Get Business Into The Pipeline

A key feature of CRM systems is the ability to track the progress of sales. For each potential sale, you can set a value, probability of winning and set a deal stage (i.e. “Give Demo,” or “Negotiation.”) While this helps you keep track of each deal individually, it also lets you view all your potential sales at once. You can view where each deal is in the pipeline and focus your energy accordingly. Also, by tying a probability to each deal, you can forecast your earnings.

Do More Reaching Out With Less Effort

If your businesses has many leads coming in each day - too many to make personal phone calls - you may want to consider automated marketing campaigns. What this feature can do is automatically send emails to leads based on certain criteria, such as which landing page they came from, the location of their IP address, or, what links they clicked on your website.

For example, let’s say you’re an event planner. You get a lead that is located in the southern part of the state and has been looking at wedding pages on your website. You could have them automatically sent an email about wedding venues in the their region. This could be a single email, a monthly newsletter or a chain of pre-written emails that get sent once a week. The beauty of marketing automation is all the different ways you can nurture leads, without having to do any of the tedious work.

Not all CRM systems include robust marketing automation. if this is an important feature for you company read this article by Fit Small Business, which compares CRM Platforms.

Workflow automation

Similar to marketing automation, workflow automation is a way to assign work automatically when certain events occur. One example I gave at the start of the article is assigning a task when a new lead enters the system. However, you might also want to schedule a follow up after a prospect has clicked a number of links in your emails or after a long period of inactivity.

Workflow automation can be used with all departments of your business. For example, when a deal is close to the final stages, you could have tasks automatically assigned to accounting to draft a contract, or for a project manager to begin planning.

Gain intelligence

Businesses can spend thousands of dollars on new leads and customer analytics. If you’ve ever thought about doing the same, you should first make sure you’ve tapped into this free source: Social media.

CRM software today can find mentions of your business across many social media channels. They can also integrate social media pages with your contact book, so you can view your client’s profile details and latest tweets without having to browse different websites. What this enables you to do is 1. Find more opportunities to engage with prospective clients and 2. learn more about the personality and preferences of your clients. The CRM Nimble takes this even further by displaying birthdays, recent job changes and other events that warrant you reaching out to clients.


All of these are tools you can use to find more leads or improve your lead conversion. It’s important, however, to stick with the features you can get the most out of. For example, while social media monitoring can be a great way to mine for new opportunities, you should only consider using it if you already find leads or communicate with clients over social media.

Likewise, while marketing automation can be a great way to nurture leads over a long period of time, it works best for eCommerce and other web businesses that can monitor customer preferences and behavior.