Here are five ways to turn those unhappy customers into die-hard fans:

Tip for negative comments
Respond Quickly.

The last thing your customers want is to feel like they’re being ignored. If you need time to look into their issue, communicate that and get back in touch as soon as possible.

Be Sincere and Transparent.

If there’s an issue with your products or services, let your customers know you’re aware of the problem and are working on a solution. Communicate your genuine concern and commitment to addressing their issue.

Give a Discount.

Sometimes people just need to know you understand their frustration. When you back up a thoughtful response with a discount, you don’t just tell them you understand — you show them.

Make Yourself Available.

Make sure you give an unhappy customer a phone number or email address that gives them direct access to a human being — especially if the issue is ongoing or if you’re trying to troubleshoot their problem.

Keep Moving Forward.

Strive to resolve negative comments responsibly and stay focused on the good that can come from them. Your customers will appreciate you and your business a whole lot more if you do.

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