1. Fifty-seven percent of American adults use their cell phones to go online, and 21 percent of cell phone owners say they primarily access the Internet using their phones, according to the 2013 Pew & Internet American Life Project.
  2. In a recent Constant Contact survey, 79 percent of respondents said having a mobile-friendly website helps in attracting new customers and keeping current ones happy.
  3. Sixty percent of respondents in that survey believe it’s important to be able to accept mobile orders to attract both old and new customers.
  4. Also important, say respondents: Maintaining accurate location based listings so customers can find you when they’re searching for your type of business.
  5. A recent eMarketer report found that while most people still use a desktop or laptop in addition to their mobile phones, the number of “mobile-only” users is rising.

Ready to go mobile? Here are simple ways to make the process seamless:

  • First see what your website looks like on a smartphone or tablet computer. Enter your website’s URL in MobiReady, Keynote Device Anywhere or iPadPeek and you can see what works and what doesn’t on mobile devices.
  • Google has four simple tips of advice for mobile website designers: 1. keep loading times fast, 2. simplify navigation, 3. be “thumb friendly” and 4. design for visibility.
  • It’s not always smart to mobilize your site everywhere—in other words, having a separate mobile website may work better for your business depending on your needs and goals. Be sure to ask a professional about making your website mobile friendly before attempting the process yourself. Make an appointment to get one-on-one advice with your local SCORE mentor.

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