The trick to finding success with email marketing is to do it correctly. When done the sketchy way, you can potentially lose customers and do the exact opposite of what email marketing is best at: attracting loyal customers and boosting sales.

To maximize your return on investment for email marketing, consider these five best practices:

  • Only send to subscribers.

    This one’s important. You don’t want to send emails to invalid email addresses or unverified contacts. Your contacts must subscribe to your emails, and have valid emails. If they don’t, and mark your email as spam or your emails bounce back, your account will get suspended, preventing you from future sending.

  • Choose a send schedule.

    Find out when your subscribers open your emails the most, and send on that day and time. It’s important that you choose a time and stick to it. Consistency is key – so take the time to test different days and times that have the best open rate.

  • Write relevant content.

    You’re an expert at what you do, so stick to only talking about that. Your subscribers don’t want to read something they didn’t sign up for. Stay on topic and talk about things that interest your subscribers. They signed up for a reason – to hear what YOU have to say!

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    Divide contacts by interest.

    If you have a large group of subscribers with varying interests, consider using interest groups to divide them by preferences.

  • Steer clear of the SPAM folder.

    Avoid spammy phrases like “last chance” or “buy now” in the subject line of your messages. Email clients are very smart, and use filters to send messages straight to the spam and trash folders. Stay in the inbox and make a bang with a subject line that garners interest rather than attracts the trash bin.

Now that you have the gist of what it takes to build successful marketing campaigns and acquire devoted subscribers, check out a few other ways you can step up your email game to increase productivity and demonstrate professionalism.

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