Storefront options are endless, and opportunities are virtually unlimited, but what exactly does it take to create and maintain a successful eCommerce sites?

This article will explore three strategies that are key to driving online sales and lasting success:

1. Outstanding Product Descriptions

Your products are awesome, which is why they deserve descriptions that tell customers just how incredible they are! Sure, pictures can show off a product’s appearance, but a solid description will effectively demonstrate the value of your merchandise! It’s simple – just throw together a few carefully chosen, charming words that will persuade your visitors to click Add to Cart!

Here’s a tip: avoid boring descriptions! Let’s say your products are made of 100-percent polyester. Cool! Your customers will want to know its material, but they don’t want to be put to sleep while reading about your product. Get to know your audience to write descriptions that resonate with them.

Want an example of an effective product description? Here you go:
What’s that sound? That’s this 100-percent chiffon blouse (now available in stunning pastel shades) screaming your name! Don’t disappoint it. It wants to be worn by you! Tuck it in, wear it with jorts (jean shorts) or throw it on backwards – whatever floats your boat.

2. Consistent Customer Engagement

Aim to demonstrate the significance of your business by promoting positive relationships with consumers. Show them the value of your products, engage with them on a more personal level, entice them with offers they can’t resist, and reward them for being loyal customers. Consider these methods of engagement to grow your online business:

3. Ease of Use

The easiest way to win over customers (other than offering them your remarkable products) is with a simple, one-stop-shop eCommerce site. You don’t want to give your customers the runaround by selling your products on third-party sites, or by limiting them with few payment options. Your website needs a storefront – a place where customers can purchase the product directly from your site, with BOTH credit card and PayPal® payment options. Online shopping should be easier than going to the mall – so keep it that way!

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