Your email address is everywhere – on your website, business card, invoices, and social media profiles – which is why it’s important to use it correctly: for branding. It might seem unnecessary or insignificant, but think of how many people use and look at your email each day!

Customizing your email address to better brand your business website is simple—just follow these three tips:

Get customized.

You might be content with your free Gmail™ or Hotmail® address, but you’re helping Google® and Microsoft® advertise their brands, not yours! When you create a custom email that includes your business’s domain, like, you’ll give off a professional vibe to interested customers. Additionally, your customers are much more likely to remember your domain name and email address if you create a custom email using your domain.

Keep it professional.

When creating an email address that strengthens your brand, keep it professional. Avoid an email address like, and stick to one that’s simple. You want your customers and colleagues to remember your email address, right? Show you’re serious about doing business online by selecting an address that represents your professionalism. For more tips on choosing an appropriate email address, see Use Email to Brand Your Business Website.

Stay consistent.

Once you decide on a format for your company's email addresses, stick to it. Whether you decide to go with for personal emails or for generic emails, the choice is yours. Just pick a style and stick with it. Variations will only confuse and aggravate your customers. For more information, see Create an Email System That Grows with Your Business.


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