These quick-start layouts, and drag-and-drop designer tools, mean anyone can build a website. Sure, it puts a little more work on you, but the benefits of creating it by yourself are unbeatable.

Check out three advantages to designing, building and executing your business’s website on your own:

  • Connect with your audience. 

    When building a website, it’s important that the content – pictures, text, etc. – tells a story about where you’ve been, where you plan on going, and your goals as a business. Your current and potential customers will appreciate the sincere words, and will be open to doing business with you. A website designer can’t tell your story, only you can! Give your customers a genuine experience to understand what you and your business is all about. For more information on writing content for your site, see Tell Your Story on Your Website.

  • Save money.

    Building your own website is a smart investment. Do-it-yourself website builders range from $30 to $150 annually, whereas website designers charge an average of $1,000 to $5,000. And that cost goes up with advanced features, updates and hosting fees. To check out a comparison of average costs, see Determining Who Should Build Your Site.

  • Make FREE updates at any time.

    Website updates will occur often, and are one of the many fees that people don’t expect to pay when they hire a website designer. Let’s say you need to update store hours on your site. Your website designer is the only one who will be able to do that for you, and might charge you more than you’d like to pay to make the minor update. If you build your website on your own, you’ll save time, money and hassle by being able to update it yourself.

By building your business website on your own, you’ll clearly be able to easily personalize your site and realize short-term savings. But there’s a big bonus: You can start making money back on your site faster when you build it yourself. That’s because today’s DIY site builders enable you to create and publish a site within a few hours—as opposed to waiting your turn in the professional design queue. To learn how you can start making money through your website, see 4 Ways to Generate Leads with Your Website and Selling Products Online.

Find Solutions at GoDaddy

GoDaddy Website Builder makes it easy to create a one-of-a-kind website that’s exactly what you’ve always wanted. To see how easy it is to start building your own website, check out Getting Started with Website Builder v7.


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