You know a business is playful when they call themselves “Quasimoto.”  And play they do!  Quasimoto Interactive, founded by husband and wife team Chris Gerding and Jessica Fuller, specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing arcade kiosks!  You can find their creations in homes, offices and charge-for-play environments like bars or restaurants.

Chris had years of experience designing video games for large manufacturers but felt a desire to start his own business.  Jessica came on board and helped the business surpass the $1 million sales mark.

CLICK HERE to read more about the awards won by Quasimoto Inc.

My Successes: 

When the Quasimoto team sought out SCORE’s help in 2009, they had 4 employees and were looking for guidance on expansion and advice about working overseas.  Since then the company has grown to 20 employees, sales have increased by 240% and they have acquired a new facility which increases their plant size by 500%.  They have also launched a new venture, Advantage Design and Manufacturing Group LLC and are exploring expanding their product line to include dispensing machines for candy and cigarettes.


What's Great About My Mentor?: 

Jessica reflects on her SCORE mentor relationship saying, “The SCORE counselors offered Quasimoto experience in doing business overseas and a support structure that could be compared to a Board of Directors.”

How SCORE Helped: 

A combination of workshops and numerous meetings with their mentors provided the Quasimoto team with the expertise they sought to expand their business.