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A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc.

A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc., Dawn Burnett Webb

Location: Orlando, Florida
Formed in: 2007
My successes.

Dawn, shortly after meeting with Linda, was asked to appear on TBN Joy In Our Town and Praise The Lord. But her media appearances didn’t begin or end there. Dawn first started with a brief audience participation segment on the Dr. Oz show followed by an appearance on Orlando’s FOX 35. Dawn continued with local appearances when she produced and hosted the Night Of Life commercial which aired on channels 45 Good Life and 55 WACX TV. Her passion to pay it forward continued as she teamed up with The Whole Planet Foundation in providing them with recording artists to raise funds for micro loans assisting women in poverty with the opportunity to start up their own companies.

Passionate about positively impacting the world, Dawn teamed up with Jocelyn Buchanan who worked with Oprah for 10 years and was contracted with Motown and Death Row Records. With over 30 percent of America’s children being overweight or obese, Jocelyn and Dawn wanted to write a message that would appeal to both children and parents, encouraging them to take control of their lives in hopes of preventing them from becoming another statistic. Right Now nutrition song is currently under review by the White House, Childhood Obesity Awareness (, Medifast and many others. Dawn received an invitation to Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps Gala and continues to pursue other prominent health organizations. Linda’s continued advice for Dawn is, to stay focused on her main purpose while pursuing quality leads and the rest will fall into place. Dawn’s focus is to positively impact the world through all of her current achievements and projects under the direction of A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc.

Her many achievements include honors graduate of Alternative Medicine from Everglades University, TV appearances including FOX 35 and TBN, TV commercial production and hosting for Night Of Life, Published Author of True Confessions of The Heart, Whole Planet Foundation affiliate in the support with providing recording artists for Micro credit to women in poverty, anchor writer for SIBYL magazine, Executive Co-Producer of Wake Up And Listen TV show, Co-Writer of Right Now nutrition song, and Regional Supplement manager for Richard Clement nutrition; providing supplement contracts with nutritional retailers.

Dawn has open product reviews with GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and QVC. She is in the process of her book True Confessions Of The Heart proceeds partnership. Her TV show Wake Up And Listen is in the hands of two different networks for review and her “Right Now” Nutrition song is waiting contracts. I have no doubt that with all of her continuous work efforts, integrity and ethics that Dawn’s company will soar to new Heights in 2013. 

How SCORE helped.

When Dawn first came to SCORE she was struggling with standing out above the competition. She had many aspirations and although she was personally focused, her business steps in achieving her end goal were not. After several mentoring sessions, Dawn clearly defined her company’s purpose and did not waiver. Giving back to the community in the process, Dawn became passionate about building business relationships that would take A New Dawn Natural Solutions to a whole new level. Door after door began to open as she became clearer about her company’s end goal.

What's great about my mentor?

Dawn first approached SCORE on February 8, 2012, where she met with Linda Shaheen. Dawn was full of aspirations but the first thing Linda mentioned is that she needed to focus on one main thing for her business and let everything else be a branch from the main selection. Dawn started with website restructuring which helped to clearly define her company’s purpose. The next step she took was securing retail contracts for Dr. Clement’s Pro-Colos wellness formula. Dawn successfully secured a contract with Chamberlin’s/Akins natural market and the pro-colos is successfully stocked, sold and replenished today. Linda also suggested that Dawn pursue other mass retail markets such as QVC.

Dawn said, “Linda Shaheen is an amazing person to work with. She was direct, to the point and practices great listening skills. Linda knew exactly what I was trying to achieve and offered up some great suggestions on how to get there. Her out-of-the-box thinking with QVC was a brilliant suggestion and the lead I obtained through her recommendation will no doubt prosper over time. Linda understood that to build relationships that will grow strong takes time and that anything that is achieved overnight is a gift. She offers great follow up skills and I not only feel like I gained a great mentor but a lasting friend. Her expertise having served decades in Corporate America really shines through. I appreciate her knowledge, feedback and advice. When the accounts are finalized my area of gratitude will be deeply expressed to Linda. She is a major asset to SCORE!”

How Did Your Business Get Started?

Dawn Burnett Webb is a recognized leader, and founder of A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc. She provides natural health consulting to those who are frustrated with their current health situations and are ready to look to natural healing solutions. She first approached SCORE looking for pointers on differentiating her services from her competitors’ and finding new customers.

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