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LulyBoo's Success Story

LulyBoo, Pazit Ben-Ezri

Title / Role: Pazit Ben-Ezri, Owner
Location: Irvine, California
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In 2010 Pazit won 1st place at the Irvine Forum Entrepreneurial Business Competition in which she was awarded a cash prize of $10,000. 

“Working with my SCORE mentor Bob was when my business started to grow. When I talked to Bob about advertising, he helped me contact another SCORE mentor, Tom Patty. Tom and I sat together brainstorming ‘what’s really going to get attention?’ Tom helped me write a script, find a musician, and find a videographer to create a video entry for a local contest with the Irvine Entrepreneur Forum. With SCORE’s help, I won the $10,000 prize!”

LulyBoo became profitable in 2013. The company has also succeeded as a product supplier for many baby boutiques and the products can be found at over 300 Babies “R” Us stores and online,, 100 buy buy BABY stores and 300+ Burlington Coat Factory Stores. 

LulyBoo was also recognized by SCORE as the 2014 Outstanding Innovative Small Business.

What inspired you to start your business?

A few years ago, Pazit Ben-Ezri realized her second baby, Ronnie, had a hard time sleeping anywhere that wasn’t his bed at home. Like many mothers, Pazit found juggling the busy schedule of her 4-year-old and making sure her second baby was comfortable enough to sleep anywhere to be challenging.

One night, Pazit woke up with an idea to create something like Ronnie’s bed that was portable. She made a prototype. People saw it and loved it. Pazit wanted to help other moms. A friend told her about a SCORE workshop and they attended together. After meeting SCORE mentors at the workshop, Pazit called the next day to schedule an appointment and was matched with Santa Ana SCORE mentor Bob Godlasky. LulyBoo would soon be just the lullaby Pazit needed for small business success. 

How SCORE helped.

Once the LulyBoo product was created, Pazit's mentor, Bob Godlasky helped the new business owner with developing startup strategies, marketing, financing, accounting, insurance, sales pitches, operations, social media strategies and trademark/patent decisions.

“SCORE, I feel, has the best people in the industry. I feel like I have the best people for every category of my business - FOR FREE! They are all part of LulyBoo, my life and my business. I’m never alone. For every issue, I have someone there to support me and give me advice. I never feel like they are too busy for me. When people ask me what’s the catch they don’t actually believe it exists, but it does!”

- Pazit Ben-Ezri​
  Founder and President​, LulyBoo


What's great about my mentor?

Pazit says she feels she has the best SCORE mentor helping her with her growing business. 

“(Bob) is one of the most amazing people. I could talk about him forever. You can see that he loves what he’s doing. He enjoys sharing info. He brings professionalism to all our conversations. I feel so comfortable asking any questions. It’s given me the desire to do the same thing and become a SCORE mentor.”

1415 S. Main St., PO BOX 2446
Santa Ana, CA 92707
(714) 550-7369

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