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Mentor Spotlight - John Wetzel
August 3, 2021
John Wetzel

Our SCORE Mentor spotlight this month is on our great Mentor, John Wetzel! Read all about him here!

John Wetzel is a certified SCORE Mentor for the Northwest NJ Chapter of SCORE. Our mentors all have wonderful business experience and offer assistance to anyone starting or running a business. Resources and Mentoring are all offered for FREE through the SCORE organization. We wanted to share a bit about John and share, in his own words, why he volunteers for SCORE!

An accomplished, award-winning Marketing and Management Executive, John Wetzel, is recognized for his ability to re-invigorate underperforming brands, penetrate new categories and launch innovative new products. His strength is the ability to create fresh profitable solutions that leverage social/digital media combined with classic marketing tools. He is currently the Managing Director at Consumer Products Innovation (CPI). John completed a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutgers University. He received his MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University and his BBA from Baruch College.

We asked John about his experience in being a Mentor for SCORE:

Why have I joined SCORE?

Several years ago, I was considering purchasing a well-established butcher. I had no experience with this type of retail business but did have the time and resources to make a go of it. What I needed was a deeper understanding of the retail business and a fresh POV from people who have relevant experience. Fortunately, I was linked with a fellow named Charlie Favre who was a SCORE chapter chair at the time. After meeting with Charlie several times and discussing the business, I never bought the business but decided to become a SCORE Mentor!

What do I get out of SCORE?

SCORE is a great way for me to stay relevant and keep up with business trends and the changing world of tools. It forces me to look at businesses from my clients’ perspective whether they are millennials, generation X, immigrants, or boomers re-inventing themselves. I find it very satisfying to work with a person that launches a business and see it grow. It’s a great feeling to give back and help people achieve their goals.

Types of clients that you mentor?

Since joining I have mentored a wide range of people, ranging from a family that was in the baklava business to a physician who created and launched a breakthrough eye test technology. One client I have worked with on-going for 5 years, provides training that focuses on business efficiency. Her business has grown consistently over the years, she is now the exclusive content provider for an HR support company and is negotiating with several universities to create virtual training programs. My role is that of a mentor and sounding board.

I have had the opportunity to meet and work with people who are young and exploring their entrepreneurial interests, to folks re-inventing themselves for a new career.

Why do I mentor?

To help people achieve their potential in business and personally. When I was starting my career, I never had the benefit of a mentor either from a career or entrepreneurial perspective. But I learned the importance of having good, open-minded people around you and the importance of different of view. My objective is to provide my clients with insights and perspectives they may not have, enabling them to make decisions, more confidently, and create realistic business plans that they can achieve with commitment and drive.

Can your business use a FREE resource to help you get started or get to the next level? Reach out to John at or find a mentor via our website

We have over 13,000 mentors available across the country in all areas of business that are happy to help you be successful. Visit our Northwest New Jersey chapter website to find out about other resources and local webinars.

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