CORE FAQ and Problem List for Volunteers

This page will be updated regularly with the status of any issues with the SCORE client relationship management system called CORE. Updated 2014/12/30.

First, the FAQs:

1. Why did my client who I worked with disappear from my client list?

- During the transfer from WebIt, clients with comentors can only be listed in one volunteer's client list at a time.  Previous mentors who were the first assigned to the client will show as the volunteer listed in CORE.  You may still add sessions to the client, though it’s not showing in your My Client listing.  Search all chapter clients  and the ‘all’ status to locate the client. You can transfer clients via the MRE menu item, and the volunteer (But Not the Client) will get an email when you do that.

- Clients with out a session in the last 12 months before Feb. 3 who received a most recent ‘close-out session’ or ‘one-time’ session were transferred and made Inactive.

- Clients without a session in 3 years were not transferred.

2. Why don't I see the client that was just assigned to me in my client list?

- You should be able to search for them in the Client menu item, select Find, then search ‘all’ (includes active, inactive, and other statuses) clients.  Clients may start out in an Inactive or other status.  Clients are always added to your active client list when you create a session for them or you explicitly change them to active,.  If the client is not being responsive to follow-up for counseling/scheduling, you can create a non-session session to move them from the ‘not yet contacted’ list. 

3. The email from SCORE assigning me as a mentor went into my SPAM/Junk Folder.  How can I prevent this?

The system does use the client's email address so that the volunteer can simply click reply to respond.  If you use the email system there is a fix.. Log into with your SCORE email login so you are directly in the actual account.. click the gear and then click settings.. then click filters and create a filter in the field below the subject line where it says "Has the words" enter "Mentoring Request" then set the filter to send that to your inbox. This will bypass the spam check and make sure that all emails with the subject line that contains Mentoring Request will be in the inbox and so it will be available and in the CORE inbox for that mentor.  Other email systems may have similar capabilities.

4. A good guide for volunteers is the CORE Quick Tips for Volunteers found on this page​ 

5. How do I handle clients who aren't responsive to email or phone calls?   You should try to contact them as soon as you get them assigned.  Use all the methods they included in the mentoring request.  Allow a week and then enter a Non-Session session saying they are unresponsive.  Try again once a week for 3 weeks.  Then you can enter a Close-Out session with a duration of 0 counseling hours.  That will remove them from your active list and the chapter's "Not Yet Counseled" list.

6. Why can't I find my client via the CORE system searches? The searches work with the name in First-name Last-name form, not Last-name, First-name, even though the system often provides output with the name in the latter format.  The Help Desk recommends using the last name only, and looking at the list and selecting the one you want.

7. Why am I still seeing my name on the list of volunteers having clients not counseled when I have created sessions for all my clients? You may have a client with more than one MRE, Mentoring Request Entry.  Sessions are always created in the latest request, and that means prior requests may be unresponded.  Contact an administrator to delete the prior request.

Here are the problems as we now see them:

1.       Assignment Committee meeting can’t simply print the 641 – Workaround in place to copy and paste the MRE and  Client records into Word and print from there.  Requested a Chapter Report to do this – under consideration by the developers.

2.     Printing out cases gives very small type.  You can Copy and Paste into Word or other program and print from there after changing typeface.  Use Ctrl-A to select all on the page, and Ctrl-C to copy from the browser.  Looking into the ability to print with a zoom percentage in various browsers.

3. Typing long text messages into a session document in Internet Explorer can lead to loss of the text as the box is filled. Use Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox Safari, or your mobile for access to all websites.

Send comments or new issues to with CORE in the subject line.