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Workshop Agendas

Agendas for active and recent workshops are listed below. Click here open the Workshops scheduling page for dates, locations and registration information of currently scheduled workshops.

Starting a Successful Business Simple Steps for Starting Your Business
Writing an Effective Business Plan Business Intelligence for Success
Navigating the Complex World of Internet Marketing Business Financing and International Business
Simple Steps for Growing Your Business  


If you are interested in a workshop that is not currently scheduled, please let us know by calling us or sending an e-mail message. Thank you for your interest.

Starting a Successful Business
This workshop teaches you a proven and accepted approach to Starting a Successful Business. You will learn exactly what needs to be done to keep your business on track for growth and profitability. The sessions will cover entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, operational/structural considerations, and how to develop a business plan.

Segment #1
     Basic Marketing Principles
     Basic operational Principles
     Business Structures
     Sources of Funds
Segment #2
     Recordkeeping Considerations
     Regulatory Requirements
     Cash Flow Projections
     Financial Statements
     Break-Even Analysis
     Tax Planning
     The Importance of the Business Plan

Simple Steps for Growing Your Business Series

Are you looking for strategies to grow your established business? This 6 session workshop will provide the knowledge and tools to analyze, assess, and grow your venture. Get help to discover potential growth areas and develop customized strategies.

Discussion topics include:

    Business needs assessment, goal setting and strategic planning
Time management tips
    Managing people and resources
​    Identifying
marketing goals to assess whether business needs have changed
​    Marketing
with Social Media
Customer Relationship Management
Distribution Channels for products or services
Steps for a successful sales process
How to achieve sales goals
Financial management and outside funding
    How t
o prepare measurable operational processes for business growth

 Simple Steps for Starting Your Business Series

Is Starting a Business Right for You? This 5 workshop series will help you define and evaluate your ideas; develop a marketing strategy; identify the best ways to fund your startup; turn your idea into action with tools and templates; get useful and helpful mentoring sessions. Workshop meets on Wednesday evenings for 5 consecutive weeks.

    Session 1 - Start-up Basics                                       
    Session 2 - Business Concepts                                  
    Session 3 - Marketing Plan                                        
    Session 4 - Financial Projections & Statements   
    Session 5 - Funding Sources and Next Steps

Writing an Effective Business Plan

 Discussion topics will include:
     The Business Concept
     Market Opportunity
     Legal Structure
     Pricing and Competition
     The Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss Statements
     Putting it all together in a Business Plan

Business Intelligence for Success

In this 3-hour workshop you will learn how to develop marketing data about your local community to help you grow a successful business. You will be introduced to Census statistics about households and businesses that will help you understand who your customers and competitors are, and other valuable data about where you do business.

Business Financing and International Business Opportunities
Discussion topics will include:
     Small Business Financing
     U. S. Government Loan Sources
     Recovery and Reinvestment Act Overview
     Exploring International Business Opportunities
     Reducing Cost and Growing Business using Globalization

Navigating the Complex World of Internet Marketing

This workshop is designed specifically to give current and aspiring small business owners an extensive overview of today’s Internet marketing trends and help them begin taking steps to develop their own online strategies and action plans.