When Jacob DeCoste requested a meeting with a Green Bay SCORE mentor, he asked for an appointment that worked with his school schedule. DeCoste, a senior at Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran School, is only 18 years old. 

As he discusses the lessons learned throughout the years, he exudes a maturity that few of his contemporaries could match. In talking to him, he speaks of things he learned when he was young, ignoring that he is still very young. 

"I love entrepreneurship," DeCoste said. "There are so many variables in life, and owning a business makes me feel like I have more control over those variables. It probably started with a lemonade stand that my sister and I had when we lived in Dallas. We began with a table, but before long expanded to a gazebo with signage."

Now the owner of DeCoste Marketing Solutions, a social media marketing agency, he again hopes for rapid growth. One of the biggest surprises has been the number of people who are excited to help him. There is Green Bay SCORE, Jothi Nedungadi of Fox Cities SCORE who has a similar business type, and a mentor who is also a young entrepreneur.

DeCoste said: "I was googling young entrepreneurs when I was wondering if I should do this, and I found this guy who had started a marketing service at age 16, and is currently juggling business and college. I sent a LinkedIn request and he asked, 'Who are you?' I said I was a young entrepreneur and he set up a video conference and really encouraged me."