If preppers become unemployed, starting their own small businesses can be a helpful career move. Some unemployed people have started very successful small businesses and have not gone back to their former careers.

Other unemployed people have used their small businesses to keep financially solvent until these people have found other jobs. Their small businesses allowed them to eliminate chronological gaps in their resumes.

Where did these people obtain the skills they needed to start their small businesses? In some cases, these people started small businesses that drew upon their formal training and existing job skills. In other cases they drew upon knowledge and skills they had gained from their hobbies.

Advertising the small businesses can be as simple as putting notices up on community bulletin boards. Preppers also can spread the word of their small businesses among those who are in their worship groups and among those who are in the clubs and organizations to which these preppers belong.

Here a just a few examples of the many small businesses that unemployed preppers or their family members can start: