We've covered what small businesses could do without from their governments, namely onerous regulatory and tax burdens, but let's discuss what they could use. Thumbtack -- a consumer service that links individuals to business professionals who can help them accomplish personal projects -- surveyed thousands of American small business service professionals, like plumbers and photographers, and found that they often rely on support from their local and state governments. Here's what we learned from the 2014 Small Business Friendliness Survey.

Small Businesses Want Government Support

A refrain you'll often hear from lawmakers is that government just needs to "get out of the way" for small businesses to thrive. There's undoubtedly some truth to this -- freeing small business owners from regulatory burdens so they have more time to build their business and concentrate on their customers often makes owners happier.

But being upset about regulatory or tax burdens doesn't mean small businesses want their governments to disappear. According to our survey, small businesses value training and support offered by their local governments, and they want and need their local governments to get the word out about those programs.