Nothing's free in life, but Stephen Worden has discovered there are a lot of people, and organizations, who are willing to provide their broadcast content at no cost.

From his Newark basement, his Radio Newark brings science, technology, international news and other brainy podcasts and broadcasts together, sending them over the Internet and around the world. More than 100,000 people listen every month to Radio Newark, he said.

"It's radio for smart people. You have to be a bit of a thinker, you have to be somewhat high-school level physics, chemistry, that kind of a mind," Worden said.

Ironically, Radio Newark doesn't have much content about Newark, but Worden is set to change that now that he has won his long-shot bid for a license from the Federal Communications Commission to broadcast on terrestrial radio.

The low-power station, at 99.9 FM, WIZU – "I'll let the marketers put meaning to it," he said, noting the word "wise" is hidden in there – will be heard throughout Newark. It should be up and running within 12-18 months, and when that happens, he said, plans to include civic-minded content, in addition to his potpourri of intellectual, international content.