Late nights sometimes turn into early mornings when the Porter brothers work in the shop set up in their grandmother's garage.

Family and friends help assemble packages of sticky LED lights made for sporting equipment, trying to build up an inventory before the holidays hit.

Garret Porter, 16, and Dakota Porter, 19, invented their first set of snowboard lights to jazz up a white-washed day on Mt. Holiday three years ago. Enthusiasm from other snowboarders encouraged the brothers to launch a business, 45th Parallel Lighting, and their line of products, Action Glow.

"Everyone wanted to touch it, wanted to know where we got it from," Dakota said. "We thought this could be a huge business."

The brothers spent two years developing the current product, officially starting the business last year. They had to design and manufacture their own waterproof casing for a 9-volt battery, find a way to attach the lights to equipment, develop a business plan, file a patent for their invention and get funding to build up inventory.

Action Glow kits come for a variety of sporting goods -- from skateboards, to golf carts, to surfboards -- and provide an ounce of style and safety to riders who light up in the night. Each one takes about 15 minutes to make.


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