Sisters Carry on Shamrock Inn Tradition

Vickie Elgersma and Tama King are advancing their grandparents’ legacy with their own new business venture, Guinn Special Recipes.  The sisters have been working for more than a year to turn their sought-after family recipes into a product for the grocery shelves. Their first production batch has been completed and distribution has begun across the Hy-Vee Food Store chain.

King’s husband, Paul, suggested they visit SCORE and as luck — make that Irish luck — would have it, they were partnered with SCORE Mentor Rick Lampkin, a retired Hy-Vee store director with 34 years of experience with the grocery chain.

“This is a perfect example of what SCORE wants to get accomplished,” said Lampkin, who has been a SCORE volunteer for four years. “People come in with a great idea and, with SCORE’s knowledge, they can get it accomplished.”