SCORE Uses Volunteer Business Experts to Advise Local Entrepreneurs - Dan Dickson

There are people who come up with new ideas for businesses all the time. Sometimes they actually get one off the ground. But then what? Do they have a solid business plan, a bookkeeping system and a way to pay for it all?  Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t, and the business withers on the vine. That’s where SCORE could have helped.

“So many of them have great ideas, have sold, fixed or invented something, but don’t know how to apply basic business principles such as accounting and finance,” explained John Darnell, chair of the Lexington Chapter of SCORE.

Carmen Davis, owner of a Nicholasville-based taxi service launched in July called Go Green Taxi, was a pupil of Darnell’s.  “He was instrumental in helping me design our car logo,” Davis said. “Since he used to be a business owner [Caudill’s ClimateMaster Heating and Air Conditioning] with a fleet of vehicles on the road that met customers, he helped us learn how to cover the area efficiently with our taxis.”



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