SCORE & Paychex Partner to Help Small Businesses Avoid Costly Mistakes

Washington, D.C. - SCORE, mentors to America’s small businesses, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Paychex, a recognized leader in the payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing industry. Through this partnership, SCORE and Paychex will assist small business owners in learning about the payroll and HR mistakes that may cost small businesses money.  Both SCORE and Paychex strive to inform entrepreneurs about the changing regulations, penalties, and legislation in small business, and are dedicated to equipping small business owners with the tools necessary for their success.

“SCORE has a long history of being a strong partner and advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurs,” said Andrew Childs, Vice President of Marketing for Paychex. “As the nation’s leading provider of payroll and HR services to small businesses, we look forward to working with them and continuing to provide America’s business owners the freedom to succeed.” 

SCORE and Paychex will kick off their partnership with a webinar on payroll and human resources. The webinar, “How to Avoid 10 Payroll Mistakes That Cost Businesses Money,” will be held on Wednesday, November 7 at 2pm EST (  Participants will gain greater peace of mind from Paychex professionals who will inform them about staying on top of changing payroll, employment, and benefits regulations, while complying with federal and state regulations to avoid needless penalties. The planned series of webinars from SCORE and Paychex will provide information, tools, and guidance that entrepreneurs can use to adapt to the changing small business environment.

Also, beginning in December, SCORE and Paychex will publish the first of two educational e-guides to assist small business owners in redefining their payroll and human resource processes. The initial e-guide, “7 Questions Every Small Business Who Hires Employees Will Have to Answer,” provides detail about the tough issues entrepreneurs face when bringing on a new employee.

“SCORE is enthusiastic about sharing the business expertise of Paychex with our small business clients. We believe that having Paychex as a partner will result in providing business owners with the knowledge to implement a more efficient payroll and human resources approach,” commented SCORE CEO Ken Yancey.

In support of SCORE’s mission to help small businesses succeed, Paychex will also sponsor the Human Resources section of The Human Resources section allows for SCORE’s small business clients to build upon the upcoming webinars and e-guides with correlating workshops, mentors, and tools. (