It may sound incredible, but GoDaddy’s Matthew Tondreau in a recent Greater Phoenix SCORE item (, noted many small businesses are not doing a thing to get online. He goes on to explain how a person can grow their business through a website that sells things or an information site. A site should be easy to find, simple to use, conveys a message clearly and provides a way for people to contact you and offer feedback.

There are a lot of website builders to choose from, but you have to be careful and do the research necessary to get a good fit for your company and your budget. The first note Tondreau makes is don’t jump at free sites because that old saying about you getting what you pay for is right.

He mentions two steps to take when researching site builders:

· You have to connect your domain name to the site with namesavers or an IP address.

· Get someone who will help you organize the site. Let an SEO pro help get the right verbiage on the site that will help search engines read content and ran your site higher than others.

Now that you have a fantastic website it is time to market it. Yes, you to work to drive traffic to the site.