"In 1989 when I was living in Nuremberg, West Germany, with my husband and my 2-year-old daughter, I got a phone call from my father from Old Town Alexandria. It took a few seconds and a lot of static before I could hear his voice clearly.

He was distressed about the family-owned business and was wondering if I could fly home to help. It so happened my husband was deploying for the first Gulf War and would be away for over a year, so I decided to pack up and fly back with my daughter and two cats to see what I could do.

The next morning after I dropped my daughter off at preschool, I started calling the smartest business people I knew and drilled them with a million questions. Somebody along the way mentioned an organization called SCORE, where folks who are retired could answer a lot of my questions for free.

I set up my first appointment with them and knew that having a mentor would help save this company and help save me.

We did turn the company around! It took five years to pay off all the debt and the IRS. Twenty-plus years later, I am still grateful to SCORE. It has been an honor to be the Savannah SCORE president for the past two years, helping to spread the word that free business consulting is available."



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