Margo Brown of Wave Productivity in Phoenix and Tempe likens organizing a business to a boat race in a recent post for the Greater Phoenix SCORE ( where she notes focus and organization are essential in both.

Don’t make your days seem like a nonstop race she warns. Being unfocused adds minutes, pressure and stress to your race time. “Just like in an organized race boat, you need an organized office space and focused time to get things done,” she writes.

Brown offers three tips to staying focused, organized and productive:

· An organized desk is necessary because a cluttered desk can be distracting. She urges filing paperwork and also organizing documents on your computer.

· Find out exactly what is causing you to be disorganized. It could be any number of things: ring alerts from emails, hunger from needing a break or whatever you discover. The first way to fix a distraction is to have an awareness of what it is. She suggests considering working outside the office, at a coffee shop or library, so you can work without distractions.