When Paul Carron, Green Bay SCORE mentor, met with Pat Dickrell and his wife, Jennifer, he was delighted to assist.

The Dickrells, owners of Kiel Machine Works in Kiel and past SCORE clients, had new questions. It was no longer about how to start a business, it was how to handle the growing pains.

Established in 2011, the company’s growth impressed Carron and Geoff Liban of SCORE who mentored with him. Unlike the Dickrells’ first visit to SCORE when they were looking for advice on writing a business plan, they are now at the point where they need to hire.

“We went to SCORE to get our questions answered,” Dickrell said. “It’s all new to us — workers’ compensation insurance, payroll, health insurance, and everything else that goes into hiring. We’re at the point where the work that’s coming in is more than I can handle.”