Juliet Kosarzycki, owner of Yellow Zone International, was a SCORE client before becoming a volunteer and mentor with the Green Bay chapter.

A former Peace Corps volunteer, Kosarzycki brought a unique array of experiences to the table.

“As I was meeting with SCORE mentors, they saw that there was something I could offer. It was an opportunity to practice the skills that I would be using in my business and give back at the same time,” Kosarzycki said.

Having worked in the nonprofit sector and corporate America, her breadth of work experience includes everything from jails to boardrooms. She has visited 38 countries, and lived among the natives. With an inquisitive nature, she is interested in how people live and think that translates to knowledge.

“What makes me different is that I am not a master in one industry,” she said. “I can view things from a different perspective than the person who has lived in the same place their entire life. In joining SCORE, it was an opportunity to learn about other industries. When we’re in a SCORE session, the person has a dream and we connect with that raw emotion and excitement. It’s about what’s possible for them; that positive energy is very engaging and fulfilling.”