SCORE Client and Veteran-Owned Business, Patriot Taxiway, Nominated for Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year

Washington, DC - SCORE, mentors to America's small business, on this Memorial Day weekend highlights clients Kevin McDermott and Steven Smits, owners of Patriot Taxiway, 2010 SCORE Award winner for Outstanding Veteran-Owned Business, for their nomination as Wisconsin Manufacturer of the year. SCORE recognizes Patriot Taxiway's contributions to the labor force and economy in Wisconsin and encourages the many returning veterans seeking to start and grow small businesses, like Patriot Taxiway, by utilizing SCORE's Veteran Fast Launch Initiative – SCORE is committed to assisting veterans in creating the type of future and lifestyle they have worked so hard to protect and for which we are all grateful this, and every Memorial Day.

Kevin McDermott and Steven Smits have been with SCORE since 2006 and used SCORE mentors to help in dealing with the challenges of their business being a niche market as well as for help developing a vision for the future of Patriot Taxiway. The businesses' nomination as Wisconsin Manufacturer of the year is a reflection of Kevin's, Steven's and their staff's commitment to the highest quality of products and services at affordable competitive prices "We have a firehouse mentality at Patriot Taxiway. One of our keys to success is employing veterans because of their team oriented skills that transfer well from military to civilian life," said Kevin. "From the owners to the newest employees, we try to keep that military work ethic. Steven Smits was offered full disability before he started at Patriot Taxiway, and turned it down. His commitment to his role in the Air National Guard is a prime example of the kind of commitment Patriot Taxiway has to our success, individually and as a team. Veterans like Steve are not looking for a handout, they are looking to contribute to the team and be an example of commitment."

Patriot Taxiway was honored to be nominated as the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year but aims to win the award in 2013. Over the next two years Patriot Taxiway will be adding new jobs and looks to triple their work force. Patriot Taxiway's vision of the future is to put more returning military veterans to work.

For more information about SCORE's Veteran Fast Launch Initiative, visit This program is one of the corner stones for the Joining Forces Initiative championed by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden.

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