When Kay Schroeder, owner of Corporate Guardians of Northeast Wisconsin Inc., first visited SCORE’s Manitowoc branch in 2006, she was looking for advice on the cost of starting a business and business plan development.

“It was a surprise,” she recalled. “I realized fairly quickly that it cost money to start a business and that I could expect to not show a profit for the first five years as it takes a lot of time and effort to start from scratch and build your reputation and clientele.”

With a major in human service, Schroeder spent about 20 years working in with people with developmental disabilities, mental health diagnosis, infirmities of aging and minors. She hadn’t planned on starting a business. She was asked to.

“I was asked by our local Aging and Disability Resource Center to serve as guardian because there was a need in our county for corporate guardianship services,” Schroeder said.



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