Mar. 17, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Are you an entrepreneur who’s breaking the rules—or do you know one? Traditional awards programs honoring entrepreneurs tend to focus on accomplishments such as revenues and growth. But the RuleBreaker awards, sponsored by Nextiva, Skype and Constant Contact, celebrate entrepreneurs for the things they don’t do—for ignoring conventional wisdom, taking the path less traveled and breaking all the rules.

“The RuleBreaker Awards will honor and celebrate those entrepreneurs who have succeeded by doing it their way,” said Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media and a co-host of the RuleBreaker Awards.

“Our goal is to salute those who never shirk from obstacles, don't fear the unknown and persist despite the odds,” said co-host Mike Michalowicz, author of The Pumpkin Plan.

“Some rulebreakers revolutionize their industries; others create whole new industries, said co-host Barry Moltz, author of How to Get Unstuck.