Robert Ronzoni Appointed Assistant Director for Strategic Alliances for SCORE Association

Washington, D.C.—Robert Ronzoni of Port Washington, NY has been appointed assistant director for strategic alliances for the SCORE Association “Counselors to America’s Small Business.” In this national role, he will be responsible for forming strategic partnerships and increasing community alliance projects between SCORE and the business community. He will also aid SCORE’s mission of providing small business counseling and training to America’s entrepreneurs, by helping SCORE form alliances.

SCORE CEO Ken Yancey says, “Robert Ronzoni believes strongly in entrepreneurship.

His commitment to the value of corporate and government alliances throughout his career is commendable. In addition, his commitment to the SCORE ideal of small business success in America—makes him an ideal choice as a leader in SCORE’s efforts to form strategic alliances.”

Mr. Ronzoni has had a distinguished career in the food industry. He began his career with his family business, the Ronzoni Macaroni Company and became president of the corporation, which later merged with General Foods Corporation. After the merger, Mr. Ronzoni remained as president of Ronzoni Foods for seven years. Currently, he owns Northstar Custom Home Corporation and is a part of Daniel Gale Real Estate, in Port Washington. Ronzoni is a SCORE counselor to New York area entrepreneurs.

In 1991, he became a turnaround specialist for companies that needed to maximize their value and streamline their operations. In the mid 1990s, he became involved in the privatization of a large food company in Eastern Europe. In this position, he coordinated the purchase of this company by a multi-national group. In 1996, Mr. Ronzoni formed Pasta Montana, a high-tech facility manufacturing facility that served different segments of the food industry. In 2000, Nippon Flour Mills purchased the majority of equity in this company. Mr. Ronzoni still serves as a consultant for Nippon Flour Mills.

The SCORE Association was formed in 1964. SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. For information about starting or operating a small business,

call 1-800/634-0245 for the SCORE chapter nearest you. More than 10,500 volunteer members provide individual counseling and business workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. SCORE has assisted more than 4.5 million Americans with small business counseling. Visit SCORE on the Web (