Each year, approximately 180,000 veterans are returning to civilian life. A number of these returning vets are looking into starting their own businesses.

The qualities that veterans have developed—leadership, strong work ethic, ability to work with others – give them a leg up in terms of launching a business; in fact, in 2009, veteran-owned businesses made up 14% of all businesses in the U.S.

The process of starting a business can be intimidating, especially for those who are recently returning to the work force. However, with over 70% of American consumers indicating that they would prefer to do business with a veteran-owned business over one that is not veteran-owned (according to a NaVOBA study), incentives are high for both veterans and those who work with and for them.

For those veterans looking into starting up their own business or franchise, it’s important to be aware of the numerous resources available specifically for them. Training, financial help and overall resources for veterans are offered by a number of associations.

Online Resources For Veterans to Utilize

To start off the list of overall resources, the Small Business Administration’s website is a great online resource for anyone looking into starting a small business. SBA.gov has a number of resources geared specifically towards veterans, as well. Their website offers advice to veterans on coming up with a business plan, estimating startup costs, hiring employees, financial assistance, and much more. The SBA website is a great place to start researching on one’s own.


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