Reach out to different groups to make a great hire

The shrinking American workforce has made numerous headlines over the past year, but don’t despair—instead, think broadly when hiring and recruiting to make sure you’re not leaving talent on the table. Here are four overlooked talent pools ripe for small business hiring opportunities.


Retirement-age seniors are generally not included in studies tracking the U.S. labor force participation rate, but that doesn’t mean they’re done contributing. Some have been downsized but still want or need to work full-time; others may have retired from a longtime position but still want to work part-time.

“Many will have a wealth of knowledge from specific industries that you can tap,” says Laurie Prochnow, president of Management Recruiters of Wausau in Wausau, Wisconsin. “Generally, this generation has excellent work habits and perseverance in completing urgent tasks. You will find some great loyalty here for continuing to give them a useful purpose.”