SAN DIEGO, March 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Starting a small business can be intimidating. According to survey results released today by The UPS Store of people who own or who have dreamed of owning a small business, starting that business comes in second in terms of the "scariest life-changing" events that they may face, just behind concerns about retirement savings. In fact, starting a small business ranks scarier than getting a divorce, becoming a parent for the first time, or moving to a new city. The survey, conducted with over 1,700 general consumers and small business owners nationwide, also reveals that when it comes to launching a small business, mentors are an important resource in helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs overcome fears and obstacles.

According to the survey, 82 percent of small business owners who worked with a mentor while starting their business found the experience helpful in getting them through the process. Additionally, approximately one-third of those who did not have a mentor wish they would have had one. Those who are dreaming of starting a business also believe mentoring has value, with 73 percent reporting that seeking firsthand advice from others in their situation would be helpful.

"A business mentor can make all the difference to a small business owner," says Ken Yancey, president of SCORE, a nonprofit dedicated to helping small businesses through education and mentorship. "Mentors have different viewpoints and experiences that can help push you in the right direction. They, too, may have been challenged with working full-time while they started their businesses and understand how to work through the fears small business owners face."