As a small business, choosing which types of technologies to adopt can be tough. Not only are there so many types of technologies from which to choose, but making the wrong decision can result in additional problems instead of fixing those the technology was designed to solve. Moreover, new technologies are rapidly becoming available, making it even more difficult to determine which are worth the investment.

Brother International, in partnership with SCORE, recently released the fifth annual "Brother Small Business Survey," which detailed the many challenges small businesses face when it comes to adopting new technologies. According to the study, 63 percent of respondents frequently feel overwhelmed with the number of technologies available to run their business. Furthermore, small business owners are split 50-50 as to whether it's riskier to adopt new technologies quickly and possibly compromise return on investment (ROI) or to wait and potentially give their competitors an advantage.

"Our survey shows that while small business owners understand the value of new technologies, they struggle with choosing the right products, as well as the right time to adopt them to have the greatest impact on their business," said John Wandishin, vice president of marketing at Brother International. [5 Tips for Choosing the Best Tech Solutions for Your Business]