Grow Your Revenues with On-Line Resources


Broward SCORE held one of its quarterly events at Nova Southeastern University. Grow Your Revenues with On-Line Resources was the topic. Workshops, led by subject matter experts, dealt with the various on-line resources that are available to small business owners to help them grow their business.


The workshops covered:

  • How to Create a Professional Website. Nancy Leve
  • How to Drive More People to Your Website. Seth Rand
  • Using Social Media Marketing Effectively. Mike Paim
  • The Power of E-Mail Marketing. Rosie Taylor
  • Marketing to Customers’ Mobile Devices. Steve Fleisch
  • Using LinkedIn for Your Personal & Business Brands. Vanessa McGovern


The presenters were active SCORE Volunteers. They used the knowledge and experience they gain daily as entrepreneurs in their own companies:

  • Virtual Fundamentals – Nancy Leve
  • Rand Internet Marketing – Seth Rand
  • Mike Paim Marketing Consultant – Mike Paim
  • ROSIEMEDIA – Rosie Taylor
  • SMF Services – Steve Fleisch
  • Vanessa McGovern – LinkedIn


A group of over 80 attendees participated in the event. The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) was present to discuss their organization. COSTCO of Davie provided refreshments.



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