Festivities is thrilled to announce the opening of two new stores at the SoNo Marketplace. 

Rosinne Chlala contributes the recent growth of the business to SCORE.  "I contacted SCORE," says Chlala, "and was instructed to submit my business profile online. I received a call within 24 hours from a gentleman who told me he had been assigned to me. His background: the CEO of a major international food business. He brought along with him a gentleman from a major tech company! Together, they have been my port in the storms of my business life; learning about cash flow, sales techniques, and building a strong team to support me – I had to learn to delegate, and to delegate."

She goes on to say, "We have gone on to lessons on management style, client relationships, and any other topic that needs clarifying and sage advice. Most importantly, I have always felt like a partner in the conversation."



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