Deciding to start your own business is a difficult decision. No matter the background you're leaving—whether fresh out of college or leaving a job you've had for years at an established business—you are uprooting yourself out of your comfort zone and transplanting yourself in a potential mine field.

It's not only bad business ideas that fail; good ones can do the same. Starting a business means more responsibilities, spending lots of money, a focus not only in the present but toward the future, and plenty more. It can be overwhelming.
While the key to tackling extra responsibilities is acknowledging the fact you are giving up the 9-to-5 life, money and dealing with proper planning in arenas you may be unfamiliar with present the heavier challenges.
In terms of money, it becomes recognizing what areas you can cut corners a bit. For example, Alison Feldmann—Editor-in-Chief for Etsy—spoke with Mashable recounting the early days of the now highly successful company, Etsy. In the article, she spoke about the beginning stages of the company and how she used Craigslist to get her first desk.