If you’re a small business owner, there’s a 50/50 chance you don’t have a company website.

Surprised by that? SCORE’s recent infographic reports that just 51 percent of small businesses have websites.

That was almost as surprising as the survey of small business owners for our 2015 State of Small Business Report. Out of 1,000 plus small business owners, 37 percent of respondents said they get only one to five percent of their business from their websites.

Small businesses aren’t going to get the bulk of business from their websites. But if a third of them are getting five percent or less from their websites, something is wrong. With over 97 percent of consumers searching online for products and services, millennials are more likely to check an app to purchase goods or services.

Many small business owners need help with their websites. After all, they didn’t go into business to make websites (at least most of them didn’t). Even a simple website can generate business. You just need to know what’s important.

To be sure you’ve got the basics covered for your website, here are 15 essentials for any small business website:

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1) Memorable, Easy-to-Spell Website Address
Avoid getting a .net or .biz website URL, even if you have to play around with a couple of different domain names before you find a winner.

2) Paid, Professional Hosting
Don’t go cheap or free with website hosting. No WordPress.org sites, no sites laden with unrelated advertising, or slowed down by sharing the server with 10,000 other sites. You can get reliable, fast hosting for less than $15 a month.