Boynton Beach Veteran Gets Grant From Non-Profit to Boost His Business

Fred Pollino of Boynton Beach just needed a little help getting his business off the ground.  Pollino, a former Army Chief Warrant Officer and Chinook helicopter pilot accepted a $40,000 grant from non-profit, Pathway to Business Success, Inc. to grow his Better Escalator Cleaning Company.

Pollino said that while the grant capital is flattering by itself, all the help that has been provided by SCORE and Pathway is a service that he can’t put into words.

“The money is one thing and it’s great, don’t get me wrong. It opens doors, but what really helped was the free counseling,” Pollino said. “The free counseling is worth three times the check amount, to be honest. That being said, some of the mistakes I was going to make being a new business owner in a niche market, doors have opened easily for me.”


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