Visual Thinking Northwest scraped by during the recent recession, relying on a handful of loyal clients, freelance work by co-founder Kevin Raichl and outside income generated by his wife and business partner, Natalie Raichl, to stay afloat, he said recently.

Things got bad, Raichl said, in 2006, when commercial jobs, along with contracts to produce monthly cable television shows for Lincoln and Deschutes counties, simply dried up. The Bend company, which produces three- to eight-minute videos, went from five employees to one.

Today, the video-production company, founded in 1997 on Raichl’s background in television news production, is enjoying a resurgence. In the past year, it won four of the six contracts it bid on, Raichl said.

By bidding on jobs through ORPIN, the Oregon Procurement Information Network, an online government-contracting site for state and local agencies, Visual Thinking Northwest gets points for its work quality and camera experience and not just the price it quotes.

“Suddenly we were starting to get all these jobs.” Raichl said.