Don't sweat it, we've all be there!

As the owner of two businesses, a mature psychological group practice and a human resources firm in an aggressive growth phase, Monday mornings are either embraced with excitement or dread to start the workweek. My two-sided feelings are often indicative of my current stage of business and service development. Specifically, whether I am close to closing a contract, or if I have a big speaking engagement at a company the following week that I am preparing for or what networking events must I attend to get the word out about our new company.

Although I thoroughly enjoy working as a psychologist treating clients for a variety of mental health disorders, I knew that this second business opportunity was a natural evolution in my growth plan as an entrepreneur and just what the doctor ordered. However, I must admit that I was psychologically immature for the role of a serial entrepreneur.

Owning one business is enough to keep you up late at night tossing and turning due to worries about closing a deal, making payroll, rolling out a new product line, purchasing supplies and hiring woes. For whatever, reason, I never fully considered the amount of extra stress and burden that I would place upon myself by embarking upon my new business venture. I wasn't prepared for the increase in migraines because I wasn't using healthy coping strategies to deal with the stress. Yes, even a psychologist can be grandiose at times and think too highly of himself or herself and believe they can do it all!


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