After 30 Years, SCORE Counselor Still Steering Businesses, Free of Charge

In an economy that has produced many start-ups, as some people have sought to turn misfortune into opportunity, Arnold Jaffa, 82, isn't the least bit interested in letting go of what he considers to be a major part of himself -- a desire to help people succeed.  “Other than marrying my wife, SCORE has been the love of my life, in helping people, because I know where they're coming from,” Jaffa said.

Through his 30 years as a business counselor, Jaffa has always maintained that he will never tell someone, regardless of age, that he or she should or should not go into business.  “They have a dream, they have an ego,” Jaffa said. “It's their money, their time, their effort, and they want to market it,” he added, noting that he’s had clients of his successfully starting businesses while in their 60s.

Read on to learn the mistakes Arnold sees over and over again in startup hopefuls and his advice for the best chances of success.


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