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Why You Need a SCORE Mentor
September 9, 2022
Mentor helping out younger entrepreneur.

Why You Need a SCORE Mentor

You are an employee at a large manufacturing plant. You are the chief technician of an automation process they utilize to manufacture a product that helps to make an EV more powerful and uses less battery power.  So, the product allows an EV to go faster for a longer time before it needs to be recharged.  You determine that if a component was added a small it would improve the performance of the EV exponentially.  You discuss your idea with management, and they have little or no interest at this time.

What do you do?

Of course, you can just let the idea go away.

Or you can start a new business to initiate the steps required to manufacture and sell the components yourself. You contact SCORE through their website,, and find a mentor.  The mentor will utilize a mentoring methodology unique to SCORE Mentors. This methodology is as follows:

  1. Stop and Suspend judgment
  2. Listen and learn.
  3. Assess and analyze
  4. Test ideas and teach with tools.
  5. Expectation setting and encouraging the dream.

You are the owner of a small business that is doing well. However, there is a real potential to grow the business but appears to currently not have the resources to expand the business.

Again, there are a couple of choices.

One is to do nothing, and the company does not grow to its potential.

Or he could go to and find a SCORE Mentor to coach/mentor him on steps to take to meet his growth potential.

A SCORE Mentor is an extremely valuable asset every small business can have on his team. He is a combination coach/mentor. He is experienced in many of the opportunities that the SCORE client is going through. He has the expertise either through personal experience or training to offer potential solutions.  A SCORE Mentor can be available to you both on a scheduled meeting basis and when an emergency comes up and the business owner needs to reach out and talk with someone.

SCORE is a resource of the Small Business Administration. It offers the small business community throughout the country three basic services.

  1. Webinars and workshops on a periodic basis on various subjects of interest.  These workshops and webinars can be free or often there is a charge to attend.
  2. SCORE offers an incredible website filled with information, blogs, articles, templates, etc. to help the small business owner to open for business and continue to grow the company.
  3. The SCORE Mentor. A combination coach/mentor whose only responsibility is to assist the business owner, whether a startup or an ongoing business to thrive.  There is NO CHARGE for the services provided by the SCORE Mentor.

The results provided by a SCORE mentor are impressive.  In 2020 alone, SCORE Mentors helped to start 45,000 businesses which created 74,500 new jobs for a total of 119,500 total new jobs.

70% of small businesses that utilize the services of a SCORE mentor survive more than 5 years. However, 50% of small businesses that DO NOT utilize the services of a SCORE mentor fail within 5 years.

To find a SCORE mentor to assist you in starting a new business or help in growing an ongoing small business go to Click on the “find a mentor” button and fill out the form. Within a week you will be contacted by a SCORE mentor.


Charles Schrauth

SCORE Mentor

Charles has experience working for a small business, starting and owning a small business. His background gave him the experience on how to make a business meet the specific needs of the owner. He emphasizes the necessity for goal setting and action planning to assist in meeting owners' needs and customer requirements.

Charles Schrauth

I have experience working for a small business and starting and owning a small business. This...

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