Angelyn Myers’ daughter insisted on using three towels after every bath, and still complained she was cold. Bathrobes didn’t help either – they left her legs exposed, and didn’t do the work of drying her off. Myers, a mother of six, was tired of washing dozens of towels. One day, when her daughter once again asked for three towels, Myers had a lightbulb moment: “This child of mine needs a full body towel she can get right into immediately after a bath!” When an internet search showed that the product she was looking for didn’t exist, Myers decided to invent it herself.

Myers created the My Buddy Towel – a towel that’s also a hooded onesie. Parents can zip children up right after a bath, and kids get to hop around in a fun outfit shaped like a frog, a shark, or a dinosaur. No more towel-hoarding, and no more wet, dripping children running through the house without drying off.

After designing the My Buddy Towel, Myers found a manufacturer and had a set of prototypes made. She used them to create a promotional YouTube video with her kids, and soon after ordered her first batch.

My Successes: 

Myers was accepted into the Home Shopping Network’s American Dreams Academy, a symposium to support and guide entrepreneurs. She also appeared on the Elevator Pitch TV show, where she won funding for her business. In 2018, she was named a finalist in the American Small Business Championship.

How SCORE Helped: 

Myers worked with SCORE mentor Ron Glass, who helped her with her business plan. He also prepped her for her appearance on Elevator Pitch.

Myers advises others thinking about starting a small business: “Lots of people have ideas. Most stay there as an idea. If you have a drive to bring your idea to life and are passionate during the process you will succeed!”

My Buddy Towel

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