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Learn from the experts with SCORE’s small business training workshops

Find low or no-cost, targeted training in both in-person and online formats on topics that matter to you and your small business. Join a business expert at an interactive in-person or virtual workshop or learn at your own pace with one of our recorded webinars.

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Design a Website That Customers Want to Stay on and Buy From

Your website is the #1 marketing engine for your business. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just needs a few simple things to make it profitable for you. Learn how to create a search- and user-friendly website that drives customers to your website and keep

Internet Marketing Series 5 of 5 - Email Marketing for 2023

FREE Part #5 of a series of 5 workshops that are designed to develop an effective and unified marketing plan for your small business or nonprofit. This series of 5 workshops are designed to develop an effective and unified marketing plan for your Business

Content Marketing: Moving Your Prospects & Customers Through Your Sales Funnel

Content Marketing impacts your business success by offering readers informative and useful material that provides them with relevant insight and value. In this SCORE presentation we'll explore the myriad of content types, why you need them and how to create them on a shoestring budget. Attendees of this Zoom session will discover how to determine what content to focus on most for their business, how to create a plan to be consistent and we’ll even explore some of the less expensive tools available to save you time and money. Viewers will learn how to better create engaging content and get

3 Must-Do Digital Strategies With the Highest Return

Social media is a top strategy in your marketing tool box, but did you know that it always works synergistically with 3 other critical digital campaigns? What are they? Join us at this workshop to discover 3 marketing tactics.

Managing Your Non-Profit

Managing a nonprofit organization is different from managing a for-profit operation. While traditional management and administrative skills are required, nonprofit organizations require additional consideration due to engagement of the Board of Directors, operational transparency, and meeting a need to the community. This seminar examines the management of those challenging points.

Starting Your New Business

This workshop is designed to guide you through the steps necessary for starting a business.

It covers the different legal business entities, licenses needed, taxes and insurance. We explain what business plans are all about and show you how to collect business information and research. You will learn about capital funding and the lender's view of the borrower.

Marketing Your Business

For people who want to obtain trial by customers and growth for their business, whether it is a product, service or both. It explains various marketing strategies and contains many practical marketing tips. It will help you define your mission, analyze your situation, conduct research, identify your target market, and develop your marketing mix.

Franchises - An Easier Way to Owning a Business

Owning a franchise is one way to become an entrepreneur. A franchisor provides the planning, brand name and promotional support the franchisee needs to get started. Attend this workshop to see if a franchise is right for you.

Building Your Financial Plan

For people who have limited knowledge or understanding of basic accounting and finance. This seminar is intended to explain the methods and need for financial tracking, control and generating the financial projections necessary to develop your plan such as: cash flow, income statement, break evens and balance sheet.

Building Your Business Plan

Designed for anyone who has done their business research, most of their marketing plan, and understands some basic accounting and finance. It explains the purposes and value of a plan and uses a content template to help determine what goes into each section of this plan. FREE! A $35 value!

The Best Kept Secret Every Business Needs

If a customer can’t find you, they can’t pick you. One of the best ways to have them find you before your competitors is with a free Google tool that every business should use. Learn about Google’s free tool for businesses.

How to Stop Landing in the Spam Folder
  • Is your (sending) reputation helping you or harming you?
  • Are your messages making it to the inbox? 
  • Or are they going to the junk folder?

Your sending reputation, or how email service providers judge your mail, can determine whether your messages are ever seen. If the emails that you send generate a lot of spam complaints, your sending reputation will deteriorate and future messages will be harder to get to the inbox. 

On the other hand, if recipients are engaged with your messages, your sending reputation will be stronger and your messages will be more likely to make it to the inbox. 


Tackle Quickbooks Online Basics (QB02)

Join us to learn how to enter basic transactions including creating invoices, making deposits, recording expenses, bills and checks. We will also talk about how to use bank feeds and set up rules to save you time; and walk through a standard process of how to reconcile your accounts. All this, plus tips and tricks within the software you may not be aware of.

Participe en un taller o en un evento
Comenzando su Nuevo Negocio

Aprenda cómo iniciar un negocio de la manera correcta. De saber si está presentando como propietario único o corporación. Para registrar su negocio en su estado y cómo hacerlo todo gratis o a bajo costo.

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