How I can help you

I can help you in the areas of intellectual property law, life sciences, biomedical sciences, and health-related technologies. I’m an intellectual property lawyer with a scientific background in biomedical sciences and health related technologies, and an entrepreneur with my own law practice. Turning an idea into a business. I have helped inventors, scientists, and engineers build intellectual property to protect their ideas and discoveries, and turn that into valuable business assets. My practice includes preparation and prosecution of patent applications, patent portfolio management, strategic patent counseling, and IP due diligence. My clients represent a wide range of technologies, primarily in life sciences and medical devices, such as next generation sequencing, precision medicine, biomarkers, genetically modified animals, gene editing, stem cells, biologics, pharmaceutical formulations, and microfluid chips. I have also conducted IP landscape analyses and due diligence investigations for investors and companies engaged in financing, mergers and acquisitions, and partnership deals. Prior to my legal career, I was a biomedical researcher and investigated the mechanisms underlying obesity, diabetes, retina disease, aging, and also explored novel treatments. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Areas of Expertise

  • Management & Operations
  • Business Plan

Industry Experience

  • Wellness, Healthcare, & Home Health

Xiaoban Xin

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