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I can help non-profit and public-sector organizations strategize, plan, implement, evaluate and refine their operations for greater impact.

I am a former healthcare/ public health consultant who subsequently became the Chief Evaluation Officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.  I recently retired from CDC after 20 years.  My role at the CDC was to build the capacity of our programs and their partners to do better strategizing, strategic planning, performance measurement and program evaluation.  I did this in a variety of ways including teaching classes and webinars, running forums and expert speaker series, writing guidebooks and self-study manuals. BUT ESPECIALLY I did customized coaching and facilitation of program teams.  Over the 20 years I am sure I guided several hundred programs through practical approaches to any and all of these processes.  CDC  programs vary widely in terms of their target audience, the health or public health outcomes they seek, and the complexity of the larger environment surrounding the program and problem. Most of CDC's work is externally facing--supporting the ability of states, cities, and community based organizations to successfully implement a program and then track and fix it so it is more effective and sustainable.  Almost all of our target audiences are low-resource operations with a lot of expert skill in their area, but not a lot of skill in-house in how to strategically plan or evaluate.  The approaches I developed at CDC were intended to help people with a lot on their plate to systematically look at these issues and develop useful, practical, and feasible strategies and evaluations.   Although my experience working with CDC programs I believe is directly transferable to the situation of most non-profit organizations, throughout my career as a consultant and then at CDC, I also did alot of pro bono consulting with community based organizations in Atlanta and more recently New Orleans. Like my CDC work, this consulting has run the gamut from strategy and messaging thru planning and execution thru performance measurement and evaluation.  I have successfully used, with limited refinements, the same approaches I have used with my CDC clients. 

Beyond  CDC I was/am very active in the national associations of strategic planner and evaluators and do a lot of speaking and training to those communities. I served on the Board of the American Evaluation Association until a few years ago; currently serve on several AEA committtees, am active in the local affiliate, and received the national organization's main award for government evaluation (the Myrdal Award) in 2013.  In Atlanta, for about a decade I served on the executive committee of  Community Consulting Teams, a non-profit organization which matches teams of MBAs and experienced business professionals with community based organizations needing assistance.  I was in charge of recruiting and screening clients each year; I also ran out coaching program, which did more individualized 1:1 consulting with new organizations just finding their way.

Since moving to Altanta in the late 1980s I have served on several Boards of Atlanta non-profits, usually in planning or financial roles.  Besides my relationship with Community Consulting Teams, I was the president of the Atlanta affiliate of Habitat for Humanity in the 1990s as well as planning chair thereafter.   I was planning chair and treasurer for Refugee Family Services (now Pathways for New Americans)  in the early 2000s, and President and treasurer and planning chair of Atlanta Young Singers (of Callanwold) untill just a few years ago.  While my kids were school aged, I was invariably president or in leadership of their PTAs, soccer teams, choirs, etc.

With my retirement from CDC, I have more free time to do community work than I was able to do while serving as Chief Evaluation Officer. I love this type of work and love working with community organizations large and small.  I am good at helping orgaizations interpret their environment, actively listen to their issues, and help them come up with SCALABLE solutions that are practical and feasible. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Government & Regulations
  • Non-Profit

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  • Nonprofit, Public and Professional Organizations


MBA : Carlson School, University of Minnesota, Mpls MN (Marketing Research), 1985

MA, Public Policy: Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota, Mpls MN (Helth and Human Services), 1984

BA, Psychology: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 1973


Tom Chapel

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