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This is how I can help non-profit clients: 1. Aid in the process of making the all-important decision as to whether or not to start a non-profit. 2. Sort through the early steps in getting a non-profit up and running. 3. How to select appropriate board members. 4. How to craft effective mission and vision statements. 5. How to assess the environment for need. 6. Help in setting up the four critical organizational functions. 7. How to assess the funding environment. 8. Crafting an initial communications/marketing strategy. 9. How to quantify impact. 10. Finding sources for support and assistance when youre up and running and encounter bumps. 11. Board/ED director roles and responsibilities. 12. Setting up programs 13. Trouble shooting/problem solving for typical non-profit conundrums. I have done training in management, supervision, leadership, communication skills, strategic planning, team building, facilitation, coaching, presentation skills, issues management and advocacy. In the area of organizational development, Ive worked with groups to do strategic planning, issues management, coaching, mentoring, internal and external communication protocols. I have facilitated international conferences, retreats, team planning events, technical workshops and meetings. In the realm of public affairs, Ive worked with technically trained people to improve their communication and message development skills. In the area of training, Ive conducted needs assessments, designed workshops, conducted workshops on managing the training function and have experience in training evaluation. A specialty is training of trainers. In retirement, Ive devoted my time to doing pro bono work for not-for-profits in the Portland area.

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Thomas Cort Leonhardt

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