How I can help you

I am a certified life coach.

I empower clients to move through their business experiences more intentionally and joyfully.

I am available to help clients manage the mental and emotional challenges that often show up, beneath the surface, while starting and running a business.

I offer insights about how thoughts and feelings can unknowingly affect actions, inactions and interactions. I teach simple tools for change.

This will support overall well-being, productivity and improves relationships.

If your client is:
wants to show up differently at work
wants to solidify their purpose-niche-mktg
Have them reach out to me for a meeting.

Written to the client:
*If you are feeling stuck or unmotivated, we can work together to understand why then decide on a plan to get you motivated so you can keep moving forward with your business endeavors.

*If you are feeling lonely, we can "check in" to understand the balance of your life vs life purpose then decide on a plan so you can feel more connected to all aspects of your life.

*If you are feeling overwhelmed, we can work together to understand why then create a plan to give your brain direction so you can feel more certain and calm about what to do next, and next.

*If you are struggling with relationships with employees, customers or others and want to show up differently, we can work together and create a plan so you can show up the way you really want.

*If you want help to solidify your purpose and niche and come up with concise marketing, we can work through the details of your desires and your niche's needs and create your concise marketing in the process.

Areas of Expertise

  • Management & Operations
  • Business Plan

Industry Experience

  • Accounting & Tax Services

Susan J Livermore-Costa

Communication Methods

  • Email
  • Video